Thursday, December 27, 2007

Two months have passed

Well where do I start it has been two months since I have updated and WOW my life really is in a downward spiral. I try and try and still it turns to shit. I am just hoping 2008 is a turnaround for me. I got a new job this year and was let go fo NO KNOWN REASON. Even the girl I trained w/ was lost when they let me go. But to be honest the job SUCKED worse than a HOOVER. It was a business or so they called it. There was a male owner who was secretly dating the female owner. Yeah big secret!!! This is a small town and his wife is a teacher in town and we all know she is going through a divorce. Then her son and daughter worked there or lets say sat there and got paid to leach off of their mother. There was one actual sales guy who went out and actually did something w/ his day and brought in business. And the daughter in law who was my trainer. She was the only one who preformed any duties all day and the poor thing was the go to girl who everyone went to. She was there less than everyone else but held the most knowledge. And one other girl who I liked but she simply was burnt out on the job and had no motivation. All in all the job was not really a job. I watched people do personal shit all day and shop on line in a HIGHLY addictive manner. Their loss not mine is all I can say. But truly what kind of person lets someone go four days before Christmas???? NOt a good character trait if you ask me. That is why I am pissed. WTF I have bills to pay and there are no jobs out there right now. I am going to attempt to apply for unemployment for now until I can find something but if they fight it I WILL FREAK OUT. I will expose the secrets that are within those little walls. The disgusting way the owner talks to the girls and much more.
I have been depressed so of course my natural course of action is to overeat. But then when I gain the weight I am more depressed. Just can't win over here. WTF again. Well I am going to do some job searching and then I will update again. There is alot more to type believe me