Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day ????????

Valentines day is that day where the one you love is supposed to take an extra step to show you how much they love you. Why only one day a year? I never understood it. Isn't love something that should be shown 365 days a year? Why is it the one day where most men run around searching for some meaningless object to show a reflection of their effections. Do roses and candy mean love? I don't believe it does.
Valentines day was fun in grade school where you waited for that special boy to give you the tiny envelope asking you to be his. It was pure innocence and it was fun. Then as a teenager you wait for something special from your first love to show a sign that this is the one. He wants to be with you forever. Forever? Well back then you believe it means forever. Then as an adult you wait for your special someone to show up and bring you something of meaning. I guess it just changes as you do over the years.
I see Valentines day as a day of reflection. A time to reflect on your past, present and future loves. I think back to Dominic C in second grade. Every little girl waited for his card and I always got it. Cute huh? Then in high school when Justin said he loved me forever and would never leave. Huh? When did forever end so soon? Then as an adult I reflect at the latest versions of love and wonder why did I waste my time.
But believe me I am not bitter about Valentines Day. Good for those of you lucky ones who have found your true ONE and that everlasting love that little girls dream of.
I only feel bad for those who have settled down with the one we WANT to be that one. The one we HOPE will turn into that one. I myself would rather be alone than to be with someone I see as my only option. I would rather spend the day with my family and friends showing love. Shit I would rather spend a day reading books and watching movies by myself than to be in a clouded version of a relationship. A relationship with no future but only the hope that someday it will turn around.
Whatever, I just had to write this down. I had to share my thoughts. Happy Valentines Day to those of you who are with the right one. And for those of you in those shitty relationships I hope you can see through the rose colored glasses you are wearing and say to yourself " Next year I will be with THE ONE". Don't settle for someone rather than no one. Love yourself. Cook yourself a nice dinner. Shit buy yourself some flowers and treat yourself right.

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