Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

Sorry it has been so long since I have written. So many things are going on right now. Most of them great things actually.

Well first lets start w/ my son. He brought home his progress report and it was pretty outstanding for him. He really has been trying to make some changes. Not that he doesn't have set backs but he is trying harder and listening more. He may just grow out of this after all.

Barbara and I did our routine trip to Fall River to see Psychic Steve. I had a really great session. He said that now that my job and son are all set I need to push everything aside and focus on me. He said that once I am happy everyone will be happy and we all know that to be true. He also said I will meet my soulmate soon. He said I already know him but may have pushed him aside in the past for any reason such as maybe I thought I wasnt good enough or he wasnt good enough or possibly only thought of him as a friend. We shall soon see I hope.

I started my new job and so far so good. Today is only day two. There is a lot to learn. I get bored easy so hopefully today will be better. I will let you know

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Thanks for updating homegirl!