Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What the F@CK Wednesday

OMG. My chest is aching and my heart is beating out of it. I am completely overwhelmed today. It's only 6:24 am and my day already sucks. This is so my life. Just when it seems like the clouds have cleared I get thrown against a brick wall. I am sitting hear trying not to hyperventulate or cry. Because when I feel this stressed and I cry sometimes I just can't stop.
I am working 7 days a week and still just getting by. Stealing from Peter to pay Paul. No extra cash to by the clothes my son needs no extra money to buy the food I need to eat healthy. No money for anything. Money only for bills. I don't think that when you work hard and try to live a good life you should struggle. I know I do not struggle alone but I do suffer from " IT'S ABOUT ME" syndrome.
I just need a fucking break here. Just a little light at the end of the tunnel would be nice.
I wake up this morning to a notice to appear in court for my son because he acted up in school last week. This is a violation of probation as it is a term to attend school without incident. WTF.. Give me a break will ya? The reason he has been acting up is because Harrington Memorial Hospital is lacking any medical concerns. I have been fighting w/ his psychiatrist since May to have an actual prescription written for him. She wrote a script for a medication she knew would not be approved by insurance and since then he has been living on sample packs. Never mind the fact that the dose has been too low for his height and body weight. I have called her numerous times w/ no return call. I have filed complaints and she up'd the meds but still not enough. I have tried to have her write an approved script and still nothing. His school sent home a letter for her that I faxed. Only then did I get an appt for today. Had she done her job he would have been on the appropriate meds and his moods would be controlled. She BETTER correct this today. I don't want to go to court.
Never mind I just started a new job and had to ask to work half day today to take him to the appt. Now I have to go in and ask to take more time off to go to court??????????? FUCK I am overwhelmed

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