Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just another day

Today is just another day of days that seem to just run into each other without much happening in between. I have to work 10 days straight and over 100 hrs before I can get a day off. And I am looking forward to it since I get next weekend off.

I had been talking to this guy friend of mine for awhile online and I thought the conversations were going well and that we had a lot to talk about. Then BAM it stopped. I was a little confused about the whole thing but I don't have the energy to over think it and pursue it any further. Just really confused by men yet again. Why ruin a good thing? It was just simple conversation. Did he get scared as if I wanted a wedding ring after two weeks of typing? Come on I am not even the type. Whatever men are just too much sometimes.

My knee is finally getting to the stage of walking without limping and pain. I am going to try to start walking again if only a few miles a day and try to work back up to 5. I need to get myself back on track over here.

The kid is good, home is good and the friends are good. How much more can a girl ask for. One day at a time right?

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Anonymous said...

Hello, my friend. I am glad the kid is doing good and home is going good. I think things are looking up for you. Now all you need is a fucking day off. LOL LOL. I am also glad that you are not going to stress about this SPD!!!! Good for you. Just keep going with the flow and everything will work out.