Thursday, November 20, 2008

OMG Thank the Heavens the weekend is almost here

AAArrrghh!!! I have had a hell of a week over here. They fired one person I have worked with for 20 yrs for pushing my friend at work. Then my other friend Mike decided to have a fucking melt down at work and walk out. WTF??? There must be too much oil in the air at work clogging more than arteries. Brains are being fried like eggs in that place.

This family of mine is driving me over the edge. DEMANDING I tell ya. They are like breast feeding triplets. They all need something at all times. Not a one of them is able to pick up a sock let alone anything else. I am putting the pedal to the metal tomorrow and heading to Watertown to spend the weekend w/ my sister Danielle and her husband Jim. They better have some beers chilling when I get there. I need them.

My teeth are clenched and my heart is racing. I need to sit and relax. HELP.... LOL

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