Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whatever Wednesday

Well here I am again. Sorry about the burp there I was having a mini meltdown and needed a moment to pull it back together.

The weekend in Watertown was a blast to say the least. However my son got into the camera and deleted the pictures again. The things he does amaze me always. But anyway we went to Buff's Pub in Newton on Friday and had drinks with Danielle's client Sarah. She was unexpected but fun to be around. It is always interesting to meet new people and hear their stories. Annie the waitress is always pleasant and finds a way to get me some tequila. Love that girl Annie. LOL
Saturday Danielle and I drove down to Tabor Academy in Marion, Ma. to watch my niece scrimmage agains the Navy Prep. It was great to finally see her throwing the ball. It has been a while since I have been able to watch her play the game she loves so much. Tabor was so beautiful. It is Cape style buildings on the water and boasts of all the amenities a teen cool ask for. Shanise always been Shanise informs me that there are pot smoking whores there. LMFAO. She is funny I tell ya. Then at night we all sat around and had some buffalo dip and watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was a quiet night but still fun. Sunday Shanise and I drove into Cambridge and did some grocery shopping. I made them all some spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. When Danielle came upstairs from the gym she was savoring the smell since that is not a normal thing around there. Baked Chicken yes, Pasta no. Pasta Bad. LOL We all loved it and sat around and watch the Patriots blow away the Dolphins and then we watched the AMA's. I am sure I missed some excitement along the way but it was fun and I extended my vacation an extra day and came home Monday morning.

Work sucks right now. There are people there that can't mind their own business and do their jobs so the rest of us now have to suffer. It is like being in grade school and I am so done with that. I want to scream at the top of my lungs and just say "shut the fuck up and cut some fucking vegetables you methodone using BITCH". Ooops see I had to type it since I can't just go around screaming that in work. But really for 20 yrs I have worked there and it has never been so tense. People are starting to melt down and I will soon be forced back into a cubicle world to avoid it.

The ex texted me on Sunday and then called only to say he HONESTLY missed me. Honesty is a word that is completely foreign to him so I don't even know who taught him that so that he could use it. We had this BULLSHIT conversation about he was sorry and he had untied issues and they were resolved now. Well needless to say he hasn't texted or called again. I was in a Dither as I like to call it. I was back in bed feeling like I was suffocating and all that other shit that comes along w/ being involved with him. I was questioning God on why he would keep bringing him back into my life and testing me. I don't want to be tested. He is my weakness. He is my temptation. But above all he is my ILLNESS. He is the disease that I fight so hard to find a cure for. And everytime I am feeling better and moving on he appears. WHY?

Well I am off to work for the WHOLE day. This will not be fun but I have to do it so I can buy some presents and pretend that Santa is real and all that fun shit. Talk to you soon

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