Thursday, December 18, 2008

A new way to reflect on our this concept

My friend came to work the other day and was telling us all about a book she heard about on TV. A book where famous people use six words to reflect on their lives. I looked this book up online and found it very interesting.

Not Quite What I was planning is a simple book of words that reflect on how others see their lives and much more. You should check it out.
Here are some quotes from the book that I found interesting:
" Almost a victim of my family" Chuck Sangster
" Nobody cared, then they did. Why? " Chuck Klosterman
" Extremely responsible, secretly longed for spontaneity. " Sabra Jennings
The girls and I then came up with basically the same concept. We each wrote six words on a piece of paper that reflected something about our lives. Something we would have done, should have done or something that makes us happy. We each hold these in our pockets and look at them in times of doubt. We can except the things we wrote on the paper or we can change them when possible. Sometimes we lose sight of what is important and this is a constant reminder. You should really check this book out as there are alot of great six word sayings that say alot about the person.
I will share mine with you:
" I could have suffered from Cancer"

" I would have chosen love differently"
One life, six words. What are yours? Share if you will.

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