Friday, December 5, 2008

So much has happened

Ok, so here I go. I will start with the ex I guess. So he called and he texted. Why?? I may never know. I am just going with the theory that he is a lying , cheating , manipulative ASSHOLE. That is what seems to fit him best. So he contacts me and then to no surprise so doesn't his GIRLFRIEND/WIFE. Yes, yet again he is still with Cindy but trying to manipulate me into believing he isn't. So she texts me and figures out that he has been contacting me. She then decides to call me and explain how she pays his cell bill and could see that he had been contacting me. She confronted him and he threw the phone at her saying whatever. So him. I tell her that NO I had not contacted him first but she already knows that. She already knows about me too. This is not the first conversation I have had with this woman. I called her the last time and filled her in on everything. And she choses to stay with him. I told her that she can have him and that he can lose my number for all I care. She says she doesn't want him but is STILL with him. Some people are desperate and that is all too sad. I just hope that this saga of MIKE SCLAMO is over. They can have each other and live unhappily ever after. But leave me out of it. PLEASE

Now lets talk about Thanksgiving. I am so over family holidays. I am sure if you have a some what normal family it is fun and all that other shit. But when you have a family such as mine it is nothing but drama and stress. My sister came from NH with her three kids. Teenagers who have NO discipline and NO respect. They broke our couch from running on it, deleted my ENTIRE playlist on the computer, one of the boys stole from Guitar Center and bragged about it. The list could go on and on but it hurts my chest still to talk about it. The worse part is my sister says " Too bad, Suck it up". Guess what YOU SUCK IT UP. I raised my son. He wasn't always good but I disciplined him and attempted to correct his behaviors. I did the work, the doctors appointment, the therapist and all the other things that needed to be done to keep him straight. Don't just sit back and let your kids dominate you and control you. And most of all teach them to respect others. If they act up at home thats one thing but they should at least have enough respect to act correctly when they are visiting others. WHAT the FUCK?? Oh yeah one of the boys had the nerve to pull his leg back and kick my mother. Are you kidding me??? You go suck it up and take your kids home where they can break your shit and disrespect you. We don't need it here we have enough to deal with. And she had the nerve to tell my mother she had been holding her tounge. Hold your tongue and hold the gas peddle down as you drive out of state.

Work is sucky right now. Because of the financial crisis that this country is in people simply can't afford to eat out and waste the money. Therefore my hours have been cut right before Christmas. I barely make enough to get by week to week and now they cut my hours. What a fun Christmas this is going to be.

Things could be worse I get. I have gotten through worse. I am a survivor right?

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