Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My dedication to my friend Jim........Oh Pally Pal

I just wanted and needed to take a minute to give THANKS to my friend/ brother in law Jim. Jim is a great man who puts up with A LOT. To know Jim is to know his strength and tolerance for all kinds of shit. Or better yet things that smell of shit. He laughs most things off where most of us would pack up and wave goodbye. (see pic left).
But on a more serious note Jim has always been giving and kind to me. He always backs me up when I am getting bossed around and pushed against a wall. For that I am thankful. She is a handful I tell ya.
Jim has a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone. And if/ when there ever comes a time I can be there for him I will do it.
But I think all in all we understand each other. We share one thing in common besides the love of beer and wings. Danielle !!! And that is something no one person should have to handle alone.
Thanks Jim for being you and thanks for doing all you do. May there be many more laughs and beer and wings at Buff's. The good times will roll on forever.............Ok if you can stay with her that long. Just kidding.
Love ya Jim

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