Monday, January 12, 2009

Staying focused on the positive and good

I have really been focused lately on a few things. I am overly focused on Bob Harper the physical trainer from Biggest Loser. He is so motivational and inspiring. I joined his online group as well as his new online blog. There is so much information available to keep you focused and rearing to go. You really should check his sites out and see if he can inspire you the way he has for many. Also he has a new book out called " Are you ready?" I hear it is very MOTIVATING. I can't wait to get my copy. I LOVE BOB...........
Here are a couple of his links:
And thanks to my lovely niece Shanise I am now addicted to the Twilight book series. You really should pick them up it is not what you expect from a vampire series. I did not want to read it and she knew it so she got me the book for Christmas. Out of love for her I opened the first page and was instantly drawn in. It rocks so check it out
The diet is going really well. I have remained focused and strong. I am tempted daily since I have an extreme love of food. I also live in a house full of unhealthy foods that are visible and tempting. I work with food and have the habit of grabbing a fry or chicken tender without thinking. But this week I have been strong and focused on living a healthier lifestyle. One day at a time

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