Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh my friends. How do you do what you do

So here it is. I have spent some time recently with most of my FRIENDS. And I mean friends. The ones who stick by me despite my multiple mood swings. My absolute bitchiness and all the other crazy things that come with being my friend.

I am aware of my friendships and how different they are. I have come to appreciate each one for the uniqueness that they bring into my life. All of my friends are different yet somehow the same. You connect with people for different reasons. I have friends I cry to, ones I bitch to, ones I love to drink with and even some I like to sit and say nothing to. They are all the best friends you could ever ask for. And I APPRECIATE them all.

Kris, you have been around so long I don't even remember how long it has been. You are a freak to say the least. You were this innocent little thing when I first met you and WOW what a blooming maniac you have become. Those nights in Worcester chasing Derek were unforgettable. The love you have shown me and the brat is incredible. You are forever more than a friend. You are the one our mother had to give away because she knew it would be way too much putting up with both of us full time. You are the little sister I never had to kick around. You are almost as cool as me. And almost as nuts now. LMFAO It may be the fact that I set you up with my cousin and that you are now kneaded into my crazy family like a pretzel. SO SORRY............. I just couldn't do it alone. When I am with you my stomach hurts a lot. It could be the stomach wormy, the beers, the food or the laughs. I am not sure but either way I would not trade them in. You get me and that is NOT easy. Thanks

Barb, I can't really recall how many years you have been in my life but I do remember that days events. We laughed so hard one of us actually pissed. LMFAO and for how ever many years we have been friends we have had many a damp days. Your family is like an extended part of mine. I am glad you have shared them with me. We have gone through so much with our lives and we have been there for each other through it all. Someday the days will be easy again where we can just relax and have no worries. Someday just not today. You get me too but you don't give into me as easily as you know who. You don't give into my demands and whining ways. I sure wish you did. Thank you for always being there and thanks for not letting me lay in bed on those days I really really wanted to. You have picked me up so many times and for that I THANK YOU

Chrissy, oh Chrissy. What a wonderful friend you have been. This man has his own wife (see Barb) and somehow he has been stuck with me. He listens to me cry, laugh, babble, slur and all the other great things I do. He never shuts me off however he does have to put me in my place from time to time. You always need a friend to refocus your way of thinking. I love those days on the porch listening to the same songs over and over. Listening to them each time like it was the first. May God Bless you for putting up with me all these years. Thank God you have all those muscles as they have kept you strong when other men would have crumbled and become weak after listening to my mouth. Thank you for everything. You are the best

Amy, you were the unexpected friend I didn't see coming. You are so raw and honest. You have been since the first day I met you and you threw your whole life story at me. To know you is to love you and that is a fact my friend. You are the WORST peace builder I have ever seen though. You are one of the strongest people I know. When most people would fallen on their knees and asked "WHY ME?" you just push ahead and try to see the positive side. You deserve happiness and if I could buy it for you I would. Stay strong and things will come your way. You are my ANA NICOLE and I am always here for you no matter what. Our times together are full of laughing and dancing and sometimes the well needed tears. I didn't ask for you or expect you but I am KEEPING you no matter what. Thanks for being my friend

Danielle, my sister, my bud, my pal. I have loved you for almost 37 years. It wasn't until recently that I truly understood what you meant to me. I always knew you were my sister and you had no choice. But now you are my FRIEND. We have shared so many good and bad memories together. Shit we have the same F$cked up childhood that we are recovering from. But as grown ups we have become closer and I cherish our time together. You make me laugh so hard its almost like you are forcing your workouts on me. I actually gain a stomach muscle or two when I am around you. There have been so many nights that I am out having a blast that I think "man, I wish Danielle was here". You are an inspiration to many and especially me. I love you beyond words. Thanks for being my sister and especially my friend. Your the best pally pal and bud a sister could ask for.

And believe me I have many more friends that are there for me and mean the world to me. However these people are TOPS for me. I love all of my friends and it takes a true HERO to be my friend. Not one of you is forgotten. You know who you are.

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