Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nothing New over here

There is absolutely nothing going on over here. Work is slower than slow. I worked 7 hrs yesterday and we only had 10 tables. That is the worse I have ever seen it. I am glad I am a cook and not a waitress. At least I am making money right?

I did manage to lose 6 lbs this week on my first week of dieting. It is so hard to stay focused in a house full of tempting fatty foods. I went to the market and bought all greens , chicken and fish. I know how to cook flavorful foods that are low fat. However, my mother went to the market and bought so much junk food that it is hanging off the entertainment center. They say never to have these foods where you can see them , that way you won't be tempted. In this house it is all you can see. Wish me luck over here won' t ya? Love Life: None. I am not going looking this time. Let it find me if it was meant to be. I don't want to settle for the first man that comes along out of the wrong reasons. I want it to mean something more this time. I would rather be alone than be with a man simply because he is there. This blog is acting up today and refusing to let me space between the subjects. I will try again later

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