Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back to the realities of slinging burgers. LOL

Well today is Wednesday which means I am going to be slinging eggs and burgers for 11 hours today. I type it with misery but truly it doesn't matter to me. I have been doing it off and on for 20 years so it is like second nature. If I wasn't doing the shit at work I would be doing it at home while not getting paid.

I stay at this job because my son continues to test me everyday. Meaning there are days I have to leave work on the drop of the dime to go get him. We have court dates and all the other appointments that go with it. This job allows me to do this and keep a paycheck every week. All of my other jobs which were so called " Family Friendly" smiled at first with understanding eyes and then almost instantly they were done with the whole thing. Well fuck that Family First assholes. You do what you have to do right?

Well I went walking with crazy Amy yesterday. We did 4.6 miles of hilly shit. It felt like 10 miles if you ask me. We walked through two towns and back mostly all up hill. When we did approach a huge hill to go down I was hoping a gust of wind would come and push my fat ass down it. But I like the burn at the end of a good walk like that. I never think I can do it and when I approach a hill I tell myself it is ok to turn around and go back. But having a friend with you to encourage you makes it easier. Thanks to Amy for that.

The kid snuck out while I was walking and didn't call for a ride until 1 am. No consideration for the fact that I have to get up at five to work and pay the bills. He better get his ass up in a little while and get to school. He is like an AA meeting one day at a time. When I went to the school yesterday for a quick meeting they sang all praises about him passing the MCAS test and how he had such an amazing day. That I guess made him believe it would be ok to do whatever he wanted when he got home. We shall see. I will not be leaving work early this week to pick him up if he is tired and acts out. He can wait outside till his bus comes or better yet walk the 8 miles home. We will see my friends.

Well I am off to work for now. We shall see what excitement today brings. I am hoping for all good things. I will try to stay focused on the future and positive things. I will try to remember the good things and let the bad things fade.

I will try to get back on later. If not I will be back sooner or later. LOL

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