Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

Hey everyone it's me yet again. Not too much happened yesterday in general. I sent the kid to school to prove a point that if you stay out late you still have to face your responsibilities in the morning. He went but the principal called to let me know he was reallly sick, had a fever and everything. Hmmm, can't really fake a fever can ya? Well, he will be staying home today to get better. In my eyes its simply to get better but I think he is like " Shit man, it's almost the weekend". Its amazing how differently teenagers think huh?

Well work was busy. It was a half day of school so I was slinging more burgers and chicken tenders than normal. Not anything to stress about though. Just another day behind a hot sweaty grill. LOL

Tonight is Weight Watchers night and anyone who knows me knows I stress out EVERY single time I have to go to a meeting and face the scale. The scale is kind to me but not before it barks at me and shows it's shiny fangs. I fear that fucking thing I really do. I ate reasonably well this week considering there is not a whole lot of healthy food in this house. I walked over 15 miles this week so far and it's only Thursday. I've drank enough water to fill the Hoover Dam. But I feel bloated and fat and HONESTLY the scale has not moved either up or down. Sometimes it feels hopeless. I am tempted to put the scale off for a week and just go next Thursday but what does that prove? I can only do so much I tell ya. We will see what today brings.

I need to vent about this FUCKING urge to smoke the CANCER filled nicotine sticks that I am so in need of. I crave them in the worse way. More than food or sex. I want to put that nasty stick against my lips, light the lighter and inhale the first puff. Ahhhhhh, that would be so good right now. Am I being unrealistic in the sense that I think I can lose weight, him and quit smoking all at the same time? Fuck I want a smoke.

Well, I am off to take a shower and go to work. I am in heavy PMS mode and feel like I am on the verge of a psycho outburst. I may need to find a smoke from one of the girls at work. I will be back on later after work and WW to fill you in. Wish me luck I need it. LOL

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