Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not such a great afternoon

The meeting at my son's school was less than perfect. The afternoon trying to explain things to his overbearing less than understanding grandmother was worse. If any of you have ever met my mother you will understand what I am saying. The boy can do no wrong in her eyes. It is all about the whole world is out to get him and has done him wrong. Hmmm, why didn't I realize that too? This could have been a lot easier the past two years. I must have just wanted to make it harder on MYSELF and struggle with being a mother. She is so smart, I have to try to learn more from her I tell ya. Her excuses may just be the reason he is the way he is. Everyone is out to get her poor little defenseless grandson. It couldn't be that he has rebelled and refused to conform to any type of rules and guidlines. Man, I have way to much to learn in one afternoon from this wise woman. I have a headache and need to lay down but I will try to get back on later to explain if not I will be on in the am.

GOD give me the strength I tell ya

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