Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Morning Reflections

Well today is Monday and I have just gotten off the scale and want to strangle myself for the self abusive overeating I have allowed myself over the weekend. I think to myself that if I workout and walk everyday the buffalo wings and shit I eat won't effect my weight loss. Man sometimes I can really manipulate my own thinking. Now I have four days to catch up on everything and lose some weight. I have already done multiple sets of upper body with my 5lb dumb bells. I have Tai Bo in the VCR ready to go. I just wanted to finish blogging and updating all of my emails and webpages. SHIT SHIT SHIT. I am an ass.

Well the walk went better than I expected. We raised more money than last year. That is a great thing considering how slow it all started and ended. I put 10 months into fundraising for Walk for Dee a year and every single year people step up in the beginning and say they are walking , raising money or both. But in the end it is never those people who are there in the end. Except for Kristen and Tracy who walk every year. But surprisingly this year Jessica Rondeau and Kim Jacques joined me. Also my two neices Jessica and Michelle joined in and brought some friends. I think everyone was excited to have accomplished this. They all had smiles on their faces and I believe they will be back next year ready to go. I appreciate it all the spirit was better than ever thanks to the teens. Jay and Taryl did a great job too. We shall see if they will be back next year. LOL We did have a few suspicious people who told us they were raising money and training for the walk and didn't show up. I HOPE they have the morals and respect to submit the money they raised to the walk to cure cancer and DO NOT keep it. This would be a TRUE disappointment to say the least. Many people pull from the bottom of their pockets to be able to donate to our team. And if anyone has raised money with the intention on keeping it for themselves PLEASE do the right thing. This is a BAD reflection on our team. There are a lot of honest people out there so I have faith that our team will do the right thing. At least the ones I walk with. Thanks to everyone again who donated or walked.

My son is a pain in the ass still. He asked for a ride to Worcester and I asked him 10 times if he had a ride home. Over and over with frustration he said he did. He acts like I am the asshole for not believing him and asking over and over. Well the truth was he didn't have a ride and called me in the middle of my walk saying he was stranded and needed a ride. TOO BAD. Sometimes these teenagers need to see what consequenses there are to their lies. I was busy and not all that worried to be honest. He got lucky and his grandmother went to get him. I hope this kid starts to figure out that he needs to fly straight and start doing something positive with his life. I can only do so much for him but I refuse to give in to his every beck and call. I have my own life that he has continued to effect in not such a positive way. I still have to live and work and do things for others. He needs to really take a second to see that there is more to life than his selfish ways. Tomorrow we have a meeting at school to discuss all kinds of things. I will fill you in after that.

Well I really have to get dressed and work out with Billy Banks. I feel like a fat ass and need to punish myself for what I did this weekend. Talk to you soon my friends

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Anonymous said...

hello there. Excellent blog today. I really enjoyed reading it. I felt the same way you did today about pigging out all weekend. After you left, I even went to Dairy Queen. I couldn't stop myself. LOL. Now I can't eat all week. LOL. The pictures for the walk came out good. Too bad those fuckers don't have a computer so they can see what you wrote and feel guilty about themselves.