Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Early morning Tuesday thoughts

It's just a typical Tuesday morning for me. I am up and at em way too early. I am not much of a sleeper I would say. I go to bed early and doze off and on until around 5 a.m and then HERE I AM World. LOL

I wish I could sleep, I wish I could rest soundly without the weight of the world on my shoulders. There is just constantly someone needing something from me or something that needs to be done and it appears only I can do it. What about this??? Sometimes I need a break too.

I can't always be the best mother, best daughter, best sister, best aunt or best friend. Sometimes I just need to be alone and be free from the stress and shit the outside world brings. I actually enjoy being alone at times. I like to listen to music and reflect on things. I am a thinker although sometimes and over thinker. I need peace in order to process and prioritze things in my life. I don't need constant stimulation and conversation. I just need a moment. I feel like when I try to take a moment there are others who can't accept it and need me to be talking to them, sitting with them or explaining things to them. Sometimes I just need my alone time.

At this moment I would love to be on the beach or the balcony of a hotel on the beach. I want to be alone listening to the ocean. No thoughts no worries. Just time. No hurry. Just relax and reflect. I wouldn't mind the sound of some music in the background as I close my eyes and RELAX by myself. This is where I would like to be. Where would you like to be?

Well today is one of those days where I wake up stressed beyond belief. My arm numb, head banging and need to work things out quickly. I have to process things clearly and be on my toes. I am sure I will be back on later to vent some more.

Hope your morning is going better than mine.

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Anonymous said...

Here is your fucking comment you have been waiting for. LOL. No, but seriously, once again a good blog. I wish you wouldn't wake up with so much stress though. I don't like to hear when your arm is numb. What do you mean you can't always be a mother, sister or best friend? That is bullshit. LOL. FUCK EVERYONE. It's time to focus on yourself, my friend.