Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I know you waited but wait till you read all of this

Well I have really been trying hard to get online and update everyone on what is getting to me now. It was not an easy day yesterday to say the least. Putting up with my oh so perfect impatient mother is simply not that easy. She knows everything and never has to listen to the other side. Why would she bother when she already knows?

I knew exactly what the meeting at school was going to be about. My son has been on probation for a while. That means a lot of things. He has to go to school, he has to have a curfew, he has to be good all around. He simply WILL NOT do these things. His life is far from hard. Believe me I know the kid is spoiled rotten and there is no pill in the world that will fix that.

We have done two years of court, counseling and medication management. I have spent countless hours on the phone and in emails trying to get this kid help. But if you are part of the whole MIDDLE AMERICAN world there really isn't that much available to you. Living in the country somehow entitles you to a brand of persons you aren't even aware of. This town is known to be well off. But believe me alot of people aren't. Our kids have the same problems as inner city kids but we just don't have the resources. BELIEVE me I tried everything available and still got no help.

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