Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update from Friday night 10.03.08

Friday was so unexpected. I went to work and all the girls were talking about going out for drinks. I had no intentions on it since I spent Thursday night out at Daves and was tired. I work and came home and went to Guitar Center with the kid. My cell was ringing off the hook so needless to say eventually I went out.
I met Taryl and Mike at the Pump House for one drink. Literally one. Mike was wasted to say the least. So we decided to venture to Lynda's where they play dance music. At this point Mike feels the need to dance it out and show his stuff. LMFAO So we are walking to Lynda's and I remember that our friend Sarah just moved into an apartment on Main St. Thankfully we find it and head up there. I think at this point our dear friend Mike could use a breather. Or more like the town needed some time to prepare for his arrival.
Lets just review a thing or two so that you understand. Mike is the guy who does maintenance at work. He is the go to guy for almost anything. I love him to death. He helps me out most mornings by setting up all of my work stuff so I can just walk LATE and work. He is sweet and honest and QUIET. Or so I thought. For over a year I have worked with this guy and he barely says a word to any of us. He is a love I tell ya.
As we have come to find out he is like that only at work. Once he is out and finds a bottle of Bacardi Razz it is on. All of a sudden he is a dancer, a singer, a fighter and so much more. Man I long for the quiet Mike.
So we are out at Sarahs and decided it might just be time to head out again. So we all pack up and head to Lynda's. Again another short lived visit. Mike isn't the typical guy you would find in these bars. He is white and dresses hip hop I guess you would say. These bars are dark and shady and have the lizards in them that have been there since your parents went there many years ago. So needless to say at every point of the night somebody had something sarcastic to say to Mike. Well that doesn't go over well I am telling you. People almost flew off of balconies a few times. LOL
So ok I must come up with another plan. Sarah and I decide to grab some beers and head back to her place. That way it will just be all of us friends and Mike will be able to relax. This proves to be one of the better ideas of the night.
We drank and danced and laughed and all the other good stuff. Then BAM in an instant I screwed it up. One thing leads to another and with the help of many beers and shots I am pressed against the wall by Mike. Shit I can see it coming but can't fight my way out of the whole thought process. So there I am making out with Mike.
Do I like Mike like that. NO to the HELL NO. He is my friend and my coworker and NOTHING more. But I figure we are drunk and it won't matter in the morning. WRONG again Gwen.
He called three times on Saturday. Never called before now three calls in a day. WTF right? Well hopefully he can be cool and act normal at work because I simply can't deal with men and stress at work. It was some kisses simply kisses so lets just get past it and move on.
Men have been moving on for years so I think it is ok to kiss and sleep with someone (fully dressed in bed, SLEEPING) and not feel any connection or responsiblity in the morning. Please let this pass. LMFAO

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