Saturday, October 25, 2008

So looking forward to today

The day has come and I am so ready to help Jesse and Tenaille celebrate their wedding day. I recieved a video voicemail from Tenaille the other day and I just laughed so hard. She knows this is going to be the best day ever ever. It was of me holding the microphone at their Jack and Jill party with music behind it blasting. Then there was her asking ME if I was ready for this wedding. She kills me. It is her big day and she wants to know if I am ready? I am always ready for a party and a time to relax and just have a good time. And today is the day my friends. I can't wait to show you the pics.

Diet: Didn't weigh in this week because I was bloated as usual. And most of all EMOTIONAL so I simply didn't want to get on the scale and be told if I lost or gained weight. According to my scale I didn't but just in case this was not the week for any kind of extra added stress.

Love Life: Still NOTHING. LOL I really don't give a shit

Work: Didn't work too much this week so next weeks check will suck but I need a break from time to time. Now I have a self prescribed 4 day weekend. I need it really I do. LOL

Off to get ready to get my nails done w/ my mother and then lots of things to get myself all pretty for the wedding.

Talk to you all soon

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