Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OMG!!! Can I get a break?

Lets start by saying my lovely co-workers have given me the mighty cold that sucks the life right from under you. I can deal with almost anything but a runny nose drives me over the deep end. But like always I will survive.

Ok, so the kid situation has gone from bad to worse. I didn't hear back from his probation officer in regards to the upcoming 7 to 10 day juvy stay. She said I would recieve a letter in the mail and that never came so I just assumed it wasn't taking place. He has been doing excellent in shcool, doing his community service at school by painting and doing landscaping. And he started his anger management course. Well, just when you think you are getting a break. WRONG. When I got out of the the kids appointment with the judge was at 8:30. WTF??? So I call her back and she tells me that she gave my mother the court papers the day she brought my son into the meeting. Well my mother says she does not recall any paperwork. Does this help??? NO. The probation officer tells me she will see what the judge says but that they can pick him up at school for not showing up in court. I mean FUCK, I am sick, stressed and I have PMS. Now I have to go to work with all this on my shoulders? Just to let you know it was not a pretty day for those around me at work. I cried like a maniac. The lady finally called me back in the afternoon and we have another date this coming Monday. She said that if he stays on the right track she will not recommend the lock up. God help me on Monday if they take him. I could possibly have a fucking breakdown better than Mariah Carey. We shall see.

Diet: Until this point not so bad/ not so good. I finally got a compression thing for my knee and am hoping that will work a little bit so I can start walking again. However, the above situation and my emotional eating disorder caused me to binge a time or two. Not too happy with myself. This is the same habit I fall into over and over again. SHIT

Love Life: Still nothing and ok with it

The big plans for the weekend are my cousin Jesse's wedding. He is the coolest dude ever and I love his fiance. I spend a lot of Friday nights over there with them and can't wait to share their day with them. This is going to be one of those weddings where you know your feet are going to hurt from dancing, your stomach from laughing and your head from the shots of Tequila. I so can't wait. Pics to follow

Off for now be good, be safe but most of all be you!!!

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