Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good friends = good times

Last night was so much fun. SO much better than sitting in the dark dirty bar in the next town. I am glad I went and happy that other people decided to join in the fun. Amy, Steve, Priscilla, Deveron, Kristie and her friend came. When I got to Kristen's we persuaded the house full of teens to join in too. So Jess, Michelle, Michelle, Serena and her friend and my boy Jonny Biffle came. So it cost us $100 dollars to hang with the teens. It was worth the laughs. We had so much fun. We were by far the loudest bunch of screaming people in the place. The hay ride was hysterical and proved to be worth the money. Some of us brave ones even opted to take the spook walk too. We laughed so hard we almost peed ourselves. I love those teens. I only wish my kid would have come with us but its just not his thing. He used to love doing these things. OH well his loss right. I loved it

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