Thursday, October 2, 2008

The big day has arrived. Hopefully not Bigger. LOL

Today is the big weigh in at WW. I have convinced myself that I had a pretty good week. I think I recovered from the bad food choices I made over the weekend. I worked out w/ my man Billy Banks, did upper body work w/ the 5lb weights and walked about 10 miles this week. Maybe more I cant be sure. I just know it wasn't as much as usual. But all in all I think it was a good recovery.

I have started putting more work into finding a perfect workout routine that I can do without my friends. Sometimes they just can't make it or their schedule doesn't work with mine. One of my famous excuses is that I don't like to walk or workout alone. I am slowly overcoming that idea though. I now will walk outside alone without the fear of being struck by a car or kidnapped. Sorry peeps but I am cute someone might want to take me. LOL

I am trying to incorporate more vegetables into my diet and drink the gallon of water a day. All I can say is " I AM TRYING". I figure anything more than I was doing before has to be a good thing right?

Amy and Beth my twin WW partners can't join me tonight. I could not go and wait until next week but that won't help. I have skipped weeks before and that leads to me quitting all together. I am going and I am getting on that evil scale, paying my $12 and hoping for the best.

I will let you all know how it turns out.

BTW.... due to the overwhelming stress I have broken down to daily smoking again. I am hoping to give them back up again soon. I am going to need some more Chantix though. Quitting smoking is harder than giving up buffalo wings believe me.

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