Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When times were simple...or at least easier than now

I was looking through pictures today which I tend to do a lot. I like to look through them and remember the days back when. The days I thought were tough and tiring but now seem so simple and easy.

The days when I was younger and thinner and had the energy to keep up with my son. The energy to chase him and play with him.

Most most of all I like to remember the days when we did things together and laughed and just simply enjoyed our time together. Maybe someday he will grow up and appreciate these moments too.


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh.. That is when he was cute and innocent. Now he is the fucking devil but still cute. LOL. You are doing all you can, my friend. Just stay strong. One day the little fuck will appreciate you. LOL

Danielle Donovan said...

Yikes. I think appreciation comes in your 30's, yikes!