Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update from Saturday 10.04.08

Today marked the fourth year anniversary of the passing of my cousin Dee. So I would like to take a few minutes to reflect on my memories of her.

When I think of Dee I think happy thoughts of a time that will never be replayed. She was my older cousin, my other sister and one of my best friends. We did a lot together through the years that will forever be in my heart and mind. Most importantly we raised our kids together. We vacationed together in Maine every year both loving the beach and watching our two kids run in the waves and play like siblings. We went out together with our friends and laughed until we cried. Dee got a divorce quickly after the birth of her daughter and I walked beside her and wiped her tears. And over the MANY heartbreaks and disappointments I went through she was there for me.
She was a large part of my life and when she died on Ovarian Cancer on 10.04.04 my life was changed forever. My son suffered, I suffered and the family as a whole suffered. But as if losing her was not enough we lost her daughter Jessica to her evil step mother and unloving father. For four years she was taken from us and placed in and out of mental facilities and group homes. But I am glad to say she is HOME now and with our family. Jessica is doing incredible in the wake of what happened to her entire world. She is living with my cousin Jay and best friend Kristen, she is going to college and working full time. This girl is simply a SURVIVOR. She is amazing and carries on her mothers spirit. She too like her mother embraces life and lives it. She is a firecracker. Looking at Jessica and watching her is like having a piece of Dee back. Within Jessica is her mother and that makes these past four years bearable.
So today I write with a smile on my face. Today and each day the passing of Dee gets easier. I love her and miss her. And I will never forget our 32 years together.
Four seconds, four minutes, four hours, four months now four years. FOURever in my heart.

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