Friday, September 28, 2007

Finally Friday

Well as far as that job went it appears I didn't get it. No big loss. There were advantages and disadvantages to it. There will be a better one I am sure. I will just keep looking.

I don't know why but I miss Mike this week. Sad but true. I know he was a loser but there were good times too and I miss the good times. I miss the laughs. I guess he is back w/ his ex wife Cindy. I can understand that better than that other lizard he left me for. At least I can understand that he was w/ Cindy for 14 years. Who knows what that man is thinking and I am not saying I want him back I am just saying at times my heart misses his smile and laughter.

I have been sick for two weeks now. I just want to sleep the aches and pains away. I need to get back into work out mode. Being sick has a way of holding you back and keeping you down.

I have to work 49 hrs this week so I am tired but need the money. It is Friday and I still have 30 hrs to put in. This is exhausting but hopefully in the end after a couple of weeks of this I will be able to catch up on some bills. We will see

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