Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The tear gang

Just a weird moment I wanted to share. I was sitting at the computer yesterday downloading songs and I was listening to Faith Hill's " It matters to me" and the next thing I know I had two teardrops in my eyes. I was like " Woah" here we go again. I was being ganged up on by two tears. I was like " No Way, we are not doing this anymore". It was like they were trying to work together to make me cry. I am stronger now though. I wiped them away changed the song to Kelly Clarkson's " Never Again" and worked out. I can not allow myself to shed another tear for that guy. He is clearly semi psychotic and not worthy. I am " Moving On" as Rascall Flatts once said.

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Danielle Bultron said...

Hallelula, I hope you are focusing on you now. I don't think you should even say "he" anymore.

Now, what's up with your fitness? When do you go to weight-watchers again?