Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Morning New Day

I am really starting to get back to me. I realize I was duped and made a fool of. Now it is up to me to decide how much more time and energy I am going to give this man. I have given him way too much as it is.I had a great weekend and really felt like me again. I spent time w/ my family, friends and neighbors and just got to relax and be me. I didn't have to DOLL UP and be funny all day. I didn't even have to be the only one talking. It was just easy being me again. I loved it.My son and his friend told me how Mike and Mike have been talking shit about me. They know the truth and don't like what they hear but I told them not to even listen. They told the kids I threatened to kill Mike. Now anywhere in all of my scrambled writing have I threatened anyone? NO. They told the kids I am stalking the house and driving by. DONT FLATTER YOURSELF. You aren't worth the price in gas. I happen to work full time and drive my son around town full time. I just can't believe he has resorted to talking to teenagers about his life. Proves another point of why I have to see this as a blessing. He simply was not good enough for me.Well I am back on my daily schedule again today. Time to refocus on myself and work out and start putting more energy back into my life. I plan on making some new motivating Cd's and going out walking by myself, working out at home and then all of my other motherly Monday running around that I do. I will be updating still if something comes to mind. Comment if you will

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