Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful today for many things. I am thankful that my son is healthy and happy. I am happy that he is putting forth the effort in school to do better. He has had a great three weeks so far. I went to pick him up the other day at school and the behavioral coach came outside to meet me. He wanted to let me know how impressed he is w/ him and his improvements both emotionally and academically. I make sure to encourage him every morning before he leaves. He is doing so well.
I am thankful that I have continued to move forward w/ my weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes. I felt a little set back this week but am getting back on track. I have to work late tonight so no WW this week. I will let you know the results next week.
I am thankful that I have great friends who encourage me to move forward. They are so good to me and keep me real. They remind me that I AM A GOOD PERSON who is worthy of more.
Most of all I am thankful that Mike wasn't able to take me down too far. I am laughing again, singing again, dancing again and more like me everyday. Yesterday a grumpy customer came up to me and told me I have a gift and that I should keep smiling because it is hard not to smile when you see someone like me smiling and happy. He has no idea that I lost my smile last week. But I am happy to have it back.

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