Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Morning Motivation

Today is Monday. Yippee my day off from slinging burgers and waiting on customers who think 10% is an appropriate tip. It is going to be warm outside again almost summerlike. Today is a new day.

I walk in the WALK TO CURE CANCER yesterday at Umass Medical Center in Worcester, Ma. My team WALK FOR DEE raised over $1000 so far and still have a webpage that excepts donations until November. I am looking to continue raising until I reach my goal of $2000. It was a five mile walk that once kicked my ass ( this is my 3rd year). However, with the weighloss and excersize I have been doing lately I was able to walk this at a good pace w/ no pain or resistance. It was amazing to see the difference.

I am watching a four month old today and have no stroller but I am going to try to find time to fit in some form of exersize at some point in my crazy day. When there is a will there is a way right?

Wish me luck I have an interview at noon today. Seems too good to be true but that could just be the negaholic in me. It is right in my town, 9-5 Monday thru Friday. Wish me luck I really need this job and a positive change in my life.

I will fill you in on my progress throughout the week. WW is on Thursday so we shall see.

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Danielle Bultron said...

This is exciting news! You must be feeling good. Let us know how the interview goes....fingers crossed.